Who's your poker idol?

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  1. hi don , i know him personally, we worked for the same co years back, before he hit the big time, still seems down to earth with his success from what i hear.. local nj guy that made good... i have to look him up one of these days when i hit vegas.... you know them all ha..
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  2. Let me know when you're coming - if it's during WSOP, I'll get you into the FullTilt parties.

    (don't tell anyone else, LOL).

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  3. I've always liked Layne Flack, but that was a true "poker idol". And Gus Hansen of course.
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  4. thanks don, now about 100 other people know as well. lol.. i will hold you to that.. maybe we can get phil to trade. he probably would be good.. he is too busy playing for cash, nothing better, what a life i guess. it makes trading seem boring imo..
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  5. My brother plays 2 (real) big cash games at the Venetian every week with some pretty big players. The latest to start trading is Bert.

    Name: Burt Boutin
    Location: Henderson, NV, United States
    Cashes: 22
    Total Winnings: $2,014,775
    First Place Finishes: 2
    WSOP Bracelets: 2
    ProRank 1 Position: 57 [ DETAILS ]
    Age: 39
    Children: 3
    Started Playing Poker: 1994
    Favorite Poker Game: pot limit hold em

    I'll post up a few others later.

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  6. Daniel Negreanu is king in my books, like Steve said, he is uncanny reading other people's hands

    Huge respect for Brunson, Harrington, Hoyt Corkins

    In love with Jennifer Harman (such a little cutie and clever little gal)

    I could go on and on.....

    Daniel Negreanu is my idol........my favorite by far.
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