Who's your poker idol?

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  1. Big Daniel Negreanu fan, the guy can just read people so well and just has a great outlook on everything. Rarely does he ever get rattled, unless he flops the nut straight or flush and loses to quads more than once in one sitting :D
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  3. ammarillo slim......with doyle right behind.
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  4. bump..
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  5. [​IMG]

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  6. Townsend
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    "With Doyle" LOL.

    Bunch of old farts, LOL.

    And some younger guys, Lederer and Negraneau


    Not trying to make a "family album" or anything, but we've really enjoyed all the parties and poker games with the guys. Ray Bitar, our LA Manager and Chris F. started Full Tilt(ware) togeher with "the Tilters" in our old LA office. Fun every Summer.

    ...sorry, one last one...Bob and Mike Matusow spilling wine all over each other at the Pure nightclub at Caesar's. LOL...

    OK, back to work.

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  8. Sorry, shoulda made the pictures smaller...

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  9. DON.. did you ever meet phil ivey? good guy, great player..
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  10. Sure, Phil is one of the "boys" - and he plays cash games around town a bit as well. He's had quite the "ups and downs" over the last 5 years I'm told.

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