Who's Your Greatest Nfl Player Ever? , An Et Roundtable

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  1. I say it's BUTKUS :cool:

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  2. .... #34. :cool:
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  4. hughb


    Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.
  5. Joe Montana or Jim Brown
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Johnny Unitas changed the game and showed how explosive the passing game could be at a time when ground pounding was the chosen method of offensive attack.
    There are too many great players to pick just one. Butkus was an animal on the field. Great player.
  8. Jim Brown.
  9. Jim Thorpe
  10. Wow, Wisconsin born and raised. #34 Bears. Payton could have played in any era. He could juke, and lay pipe into a lineman or line backer and was going to get another 5 yards. Too funny in gradeschool playing kill the guy we all yelled we were Payton when we had the ball, and this is a bunch of Wisconsin kids who hate the Bears. Another I hate to admit is Adrian Peterson. He is Walter II. I hope he doesn't stay healthy!:D That kid is amazing to watch.
    Hardcore, Ray Nitschke, better than Buttface everyday. Both hardcore, but I'd take Ray everyday. And he wasn't a Ray that was involved in murder and steroids. I remember walking up to him in a McDonalds when I was a kid and asking for an autograph. Gruff, but about as nice a guy as you could meet. I have the napkin framed, and it won't be sold.
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