whos up next?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by simon1080, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. We got citigroup and wamu ...

    who else needs saving from uncle sam?

    I think wamu will either go bankrupt.. or get bought out.. but citigroup???

    is that the grand finally?
  2. dsq


    gm,f,chrysler...anyday now.
  3. yeah but those don't pose that big of a threat to the financial markets.

    I have honestly been scared for the last little while for the financial world.

    We've crossed the gates to depths of hell... and are trying to run back out with Uncle ben and Paulson leading the way...

    I am hoping we do manage to get the hell out in a rather short amount of time! If AIG filed for chpt 11.. the financial world would have been done with for a good couple of years..and I could see dow being at around 8000 - 9000 within a couple of days.
  4. rodent, tell us about yourself? how sad is it to do what you do?
  5. schizo


    Who's up next? Of course, the government that runs this great land of un-freedom!
  6. do you people realize what would have happened if the bad fed allowed AIG to go bankrupt?

    Lehman... a different story.. but AIG ?

    that would have been the end of Corprate America as we know it.
  7. lol.. pull your head out of your arse!
    Aig was down to 2 bucks a share.. thats pretty much bankrupt in my mind... It wouldnt have ended corporate america.. it would have strengthened it in the long run.. short run ..yes .. mkt tanks.. but long run companies know they reap what they sow no matter how large.. and then the employees knwo this too so they use guess what ..due diligence with everything..

    We wouldnt have this housing bubble if ti wasnt for greedy peope and corporations who gave out signature loans and zero down mortgages etc!!!!!!!!!

    Down with all the companies who deserrve to be killed
  8. ^^^ you popped pimple..

    AIG never started unwinding positions ...

    The credit default swaps written were never triggered.

    If AIG filed for chpt 11.... it would have been holly hell .. not just the market tanking.

    Liquidity from all markets would have gone to next to nothing.

    It would have been worse than the 1929 crash.

    I never said this regarding Bear, Lehman, or any of the other banks.

    AIG is a different story.
  9. sim:

    worse is over. normal bear market from here till economy turns around (- few months). things are back on line.

    when the bear market is oever, it will be a good bull market with "new" IPOs (on old stuff LEH, AIG, banks, etc...). it will be an opportunity to build old houses, and issue new stock. Like reconstruction after a war