Who's to blame in the Hudson river crash?

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  1. nobody

    because everyone got out

    incredible job all involved
  2. Bush!
  3. I blame the schools.
  4. Apparently, the geese.
  5. i have heard many say it is a miracle from god they survived. of course if they had died it would not have been gods fault. the religious mind is something to behold.
  6. Canadian geese no less. Never should have let them in the country.
  7. cstfx


    the unions, from the mechanics union (they couldn't find a way to keep the geese out of the engines) to the pilots union (he couldn't swerve to avoid them? I swerve to avoid animals all the time) to the air traffic controllers missed it on the radar.
  8. ScareBus!!! :eek:

    "If it ain't Boeing I ain't going!" :cool: :D

    BTW, V2500 do NOT like birdies on ANY aircraft....LOL! :eek:
  9. bpcnabe


    Don't you have some idiotic infowars reference that blames Bush and the US Gov't and the Jews for this intentional grounding of this plane?

    I am waiting for you to tell us how this was some conspiracy!
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