Who's the regulator for this?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by clambill, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. I didn't know to put this thread so here it is.

    Anyway, I got a call from someone in New York saying he was the co-founder of a money management firm and their prospectus they sent by email said they were making over 50% per year. I don't want to name the firm because I don't want to give them ANY publicity at all. I told them more than once I don't have any money. Yet, they called twice and told me they were going to call again next week. Yeah, I know I'm partly to blame because I was too polite to hang up the phone. What I find infuriating though is I thought there was a "know your customer rule" in the industry and that they should not pitch managed accounts based on futures and forex to anyone with no income and no job. Not only that, but I'm in debt. I mean these people actually DID NOT want to listen to me when I was saying this. They wanted $25,000 from me.

    Who's the regulator in New York so I could just make sure they hear loud and clear that they should not be trying to pull any crap like this. I mean I actually told this guy that "some people will say they don't have any money but really do" but I said this wasn't the case, I REALLY don't have any money. Like, what is this guy's major malfunction anyway? Even if they have that kind of return, I believe they're just evil criminals to pitch riskier investments to someone who literally INSISTED he had NO money. :mad:
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    Below is the best way to begin. It is the New York Department of State. They should have some information.

    (518) 473-2492 or corporations@dos.state.ny.us

    And here is the link.


    I get those calls a couple of times a week. I have tried different methods to get them to stop, to no avail. I am to the point of just telling them "They are not here." Hanging up on them immediately guarantees that you will be flooded with calls over the next couple of days.
  3. Who's the regulator in New York so I could just make sure they hear loud and clear that they should not be trying to pull any crap like this.

    You're going to spend hours trying to find someone to tell someone to stop calling. Waste of time, get an answering machine or hang up when they call. You can tell them you'll file a complaint with the attorney general, that's is usually enough to motivate any company to see things your way. Frankly I gave up long time ago trying to right the worlds wrongs, waste of time and energy, I don't teach lessons, I don't want to teach anybody a lesson, I have better things to do. But that's me.
  4. Lang, thanks for the links.

    nutmeg, if I was going to allow another Bernie Maddoff to operate in this world, I wouldn't forgive myself.

    I don't know if the 50% per year return is a red flag but it could be. I also intend to send their contact info to FBI. But I thought there would be an SEC bureau or something like that in NY.
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    Been around for a while, but...


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