Who's the Best Trading Competition Broker?

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  1. I'm very much interested to participate in a Trading Competition and actually weigh myself against other real world traders...
    I like the Robbins futures but the comm. makes it a NO Go for scalpers and the Emini also has a couple of problems, for one the Min. initial capital is too low, I prefer one in the 25 to 50k range and second the comm is also too high for a few hundred contracts a day where I presently pay all in, in the low 3 range!

    So the question is if there are any other worthwhile Competition alternatives? Or if anyone from the ET community has any hands on experience with Robbins or whoever else?
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    this is areal business, there is no 'competition' b.s. okay

    competing in a daytrading competition is b.s.

  3. There aren't any "cheap" contests. There is a company named "PFG Best" that has some type of quarterly event.
  4. I gave you 7-8 places you can prove yourself and you went silent
  5. Seems he needs 10 or 12 LOL. He's just a windbag who paper trades--sheesh-why don't these losers leave ????
  6. I am looking very hard but have not yet found anything useful though, which is why I asked for others' actual experiences in this thread before the f*/€ing stupid brain dead homeless asshole above jumped in and ruined this thread too!
    So far the only good deal is the Robbins but the comm is too high for a few hundred trades a day that I do. The 5k quarterly one also is not quite there yet either with high comms(I'm paying low 3 right now and my system is a hard core scalper average less than a few minutes per trade) also too small an initial capital!
    have been looking and inquiring about C2 which has it's own problems, I want my actual Fills to be reported and NOT guesses!

    I still continue to believe the best place to show off and register one's performance is right here in ET which I plan to probably go that route as of the first half of Jan after I get to settle down from holidays.
    Initially will publish my trade list which can be checked against the T&S by those who do have a REAL feed which are NOT too many in ET and will make the statements available for Audits if anyone interested who will also pay the cost(BTW no one has ever done this before in ET(make statements available for audits)).
    People use the excuse to protect their systems which is the biggest joke ever! If the 99% loser crowd wanted to learn from others' trades, all they needed to do was look at a ZZ of choice...lol.

    So, TraderZ, would you or anyone else care to join me in this trial? $25k IC with broker of choice and make statements available for audit? If not, is quite OK too as long as people only post content that could be used by others and stop the Barking already.
  7. FWIW.....

    1) Even if you were to do "well" in a trading contest, it's no guarantee that you'll attract funds from other investors. Many people can believe that your "success" was random and/or based on accounting fraud.
    2) You have to anticipate that you may not be able to handle public recognition very well, while either generating big profits or losses.
    3) Try to modify your trading so that you can trade a different system less frequently and then consider entering the Robbins Contest with it. You don't have to bang out a 50,000% annual return to win that thing.
    4) If you're not doing so already, persuade your friends and relatives to allocate money to you. You'll have more motivation to make money for them than you will to perform well in a contest with only your own money. :cool:
  8. And a frustrated loser as well I see lol. For your info I am a trading god.
  9. Thanks for the thoughts, actually I have no intention of managing funds(maybe too late already!). But, I love competitions and the of course the recognition that comes with it, one can then make his own BS and people will go for it...lol
    I do have a very viable swing system that performs extremely well but has huge DD since I don't use stops with it and only counter positions so it will rank poorly in that dept.
    Then my scalping one does about 200 rt already and increasing.
    I will however consider the Robbin yearly Futures Compt. Maybe I could just use a simple 60 Min. Trendline breakage should do it if I design a reasonable stop and a more conservative entry for it in the next couple of weeks?
    Meanwhile I need to choose between the C2 and ET for scalps?
  10. Here are 8 places to get tracked again:

    Striker Securities
    Attain Capital

    You need to stop preening and self glorification and demanding people back up YOUR claims with THEIR money or expecting them to dig through your random numbers to see if they have any value. It is nauseating.

    You want to prove yourself, stop snorting and seeking attention and making excuses, and put a stake in the ground. Sign up with one and start trading. Get back in 4 months with your results.
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