Who's Supplying Israel With Their Weapons / Ammunition?

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  1. ?

    The US makes its own.

    Who provides the guts of Israel's war machine?

  2. Our tax dollars do... so I guess our hands are bloody too :mad:
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    Honestly you don't strike me as intelligent enough to earn enough income to pay taxes.
  4. The US aid to Israel in 2005 was less than $9 per person per year. Not a big deal if you ask me especially given the fact that the money was pledged by the US to Israel (and Egypt and Jordan) as part of the peace agreement between those countries, Israel had to return the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt. Besides most of the money comes back as military orders any way.

    Any country would be extremely proud to have Israel as a customer but the honor of being Israel's primary weapons supplier belongs to the US.
  5. Had to wake up for this one....

    The US takes honor in the killing of innocents by their weapons at the hands of the Israelis?

    Oy vey...

  6. So do you take honor in the killing of innocents by Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, Hamas, etc.? Or do you really not care about anybody? Did you go to the Michael Dukakis school of supressed retribution? I don't take honor in any innocent getting killed. But I damn sure know that when the son of a bitches are shooting at my home and family or my friends home and family I'm gonna by god shoot back. Like it or not Israel is our friend and that is unlikely to change.
  7. Stop talking about innocent civilians, you don't give a shit about them. And their blood is on Hezbollah's hands, they have offices, installations, facilities, weapons etc in residential and business areas - they endanger civilians and according to the international law you love so much to talk about they are ultimately responsible for their deaths.

    And yeah, any country would be proud to sell weapons to Israel, it's profitable, prestigious as Israel only buys the best and it serves a noble cause.
  8. Z, if you don't mind, can I ask you a personal question? Is it true that you are a first-generation immigrant to America and that you are Pakistani by birth?

    Also, are you a Muslim? If not, were you ever a practicing Muslim at any point in your life?

    Thanks, Nik
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    Israel is quite capable of making their own (eg ever heard of an Uzi?)

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