Who's still short?

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  1. And hoping?
  2. Who's still long and stupid?
  3. You just answered my question.

    Where is that BuyLoSellHi moron?
  4. kxvid


    The institutional money seems to be coming in after 12, and buying everything with a ticker symbol. They are making a very large bet on a second half recovery. Ultimately I believe they will be proven to be dead wrong, with stocks drifting lower the rest of the year.

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  6. Just wondering how you know both of your assumptions?
  7. Short and wake up hearing something like consumer confidence in kazakhstan is up and watch the market rally 3% again?
    How many banks are left to upgrade each other? How many high profile people left to say the recession is over? Can they say it twice? Those are all good for 2-3% moves. Its a dangerous time for shorts.
  8. if I am in cash and other instruments, make the case for being long S&P. What do you think the earnings will be on that index?

  9. Hairy-crossdresser,

    Your "Mr. Winky" is still short & hoping.

  10. I'm still long, but stupid? It's nice to see my EWZ and FXI jump 6% today. I did do something stupid though: I bought India (INP) last Monday, sold Thursday, only to see it catapault 25% today. :(

    I need you bears to do some shorting tomorrow. I have cash I need to inject into the market. :)
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