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  1. Hey guys,

    Could use some help. Please don't tell me to search old threads as I've heard the times they are (or have been) a-Changin'

    I'm looking for a prop firm that would allow me to trade equities and futures with no deposit. If I had to, I could just stick to my equities strategy.

    A little background: Have been out of the prop game for a few years when the vol started dying down. Before then I was a very successful prop trader for years (7 figures + years consistently).

    I've been trading my own capital for last couple years with very good results.

    I'm looking to go back to a prop bc my strats are working very well and I need more capital.

    So, who's left? Sounds like the industry consolidated a ton in the last few years.

    I'm not bs'ing my #s. Have verifiable track record and very good resume. Please let me know if you have some suggestions for firms to reach out to or PM me if that's easier.

    Lastly, I don't do HFT, so props that are only looking for that wouldn't work...I'm guessing that only leaves a few shops. Would appreciate some names or HR contacts there. Also, I'm willing to relocate or trade remote. That's not an issue.

    Thanks a bunch for any leads or advice and happy trading!
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    Where are you located?
    How much capital are you looking for?
    Day trading or position trading?

  3. What is your profit factor ?
  4. You should be looking at the Chicago shops. As long as the account was in your name and is verifiable, you can probably find a few offers if you search. It won't be easy though. The industry is becoming really tough. I posted an article yesterday which brings up valid points about many prop firms beginning to sell trading products and services and many are looking for outside investors as revenues are in steep decline. The sad part is that many of the DF bill regulations won't even hit till 2014 so the storm is still on the horizon, so to speak.
    Many of the big names like Archelon and Peak6 are converting to hedge funds to seek outside investors capital. There are some interesting quotes from executives at those firms. You may want to check it out here

    Some of the names you can look at (if you haven't got around to that yet)
    Hard Right
    Infinium Capital
    Jump trading
    Simplex investments
    Spot Trading
    Transact Futures
    Wolverine Trading
    Echotrade (they may only trade equities)
    Cago Trading
    Advantage Futures
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    DF bill regulations? What does DF stand for?
  6. Maybe "Dodd-Frank" ??

    Don :)
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    Thanks Don
  8. it actually stands for Down & Funky....JK.... DF meant short for Dodd-Frank
  9. I'm in NE currently, but location doesn't matter - I don't mind moving.

    Capital requirements would be at least 10M or so if I was doing it on my own, but obviously most props have advantageous margin requirements, so for any reputable firm I think it would be peanuts.

    Breakdown day trading - 70%, position trading 30%. Where positions wouldn't be held for more than 10 days or so.
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