Who's sick of getting near 0% interest on uninvested cash?

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  1. up until a few years ago it was an easy 4%+ per year added to the brokerage accounts. now it's nothing.
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    You just need to invest with AUD. Seriously, why are you holding USD? It's trash.
  3. the last time people said this it lead to everyone reaching for yield in "AAA" paper that turned out to be worth less than s*** under your shoe on a hot day. It is what it is - either accept low/no yield and know your money is safe or risk your safe money for a few more bps. Remember when the reserve money market fund "broke the buck"?
  4. Stick your dollars in something like this, problem is min investments are quite high but think this is not the usual $100k min
    VENEZUELA REP GLBL BD 13.62500% 08/15/2018
  5. Indeed... What can possibly go wrong?
  6. (98/99.25 CUSIP 922646AT1)
    Well with Venezualan elections in 2012 and oil roofing I'd side with them going the same way as similar Colombian bonds
  7. Yeah it used to be good.

    I used to get almost 4%.. my yearly commissions were around that much too, so they cancelled out and i never had to worry about commissions :)

    Now i have upped my game and i make 3x as many trades as i used to.. so now i pay 10% a year of my starting account in commissions.. and i get 0% interest :mad:
  8. Well, be glad for one thing--at least you're not a retired person who would like to put almost all of his nest egg into CDs, savings accounts, etc. The Fed's ZIRP affects us all, but the elderly are the hardest hit.
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    Jesus, what a bunch of whiners here: it is what it is, accept it.
  10. Feeling smug? Pontificating that "something which bothers people doesn't bother you?

    What do you bitch about about? Why don't you tell us so we can tell you, "man up and get over it"...
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