Who's shorting BIDU this morning?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tomahawk, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Pop of +60.00 on GOOG news. I don't trade stocks but this looks quite tempting.
  2. Probably covered too soon but, oh well ...
  3. Well done.

    Will try for a short whenever it's above 450.
  4. Remains to be seen how well done, but thanks. Looks like you will get your chance at it. Should be a good trade ... good luck!
  5. I have just 100 shares, want to book here at 30 but can be tough getting in again.
  6. Nice job!
  7. will see how it closes. big gappers almost always consolidate on gap day.
  8. took some short, will hit out fast if shows loss.
  9. just booked around 46, not much confident about strong open.
  10. took my short at the open today for a day trade for some nice points- I typically don't overnight but it's def a money maker on any time frame when it wants to move
    #10     Jan 19, 2010