who's short oil or thinking of shorting soon?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by joeyata1, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. man its tempting its like naz 5k. when this busts it'll be swift and deadly to the downside
  2. no way --- one saudi oil field event away from a parabolic move
  3. Short Oil! Please! Short Squeze will only run up the price more.(Then again in the near term it might be a smart play because there is some speculation in the marker) But long term = long oil
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    the oil market *has* lost contact with reality...but timing its return is challenging (to say the least). If you are short, be prepared for a bumpy ride.....
  5. like the buzzard on top of the shuttle external tank at liftoff
  6. Agreed. But given the risks along with minimal downside potential (well depending on who you talk to) is it really worth it? You could get caught in a $105 super spike thanks to small geopoltical events.

    Surely there are better, less risky short plays out there than crude.

    I been building up shares in Canadian energy companies for the last two years. I'm up over 170% in some of them plus 40% or so thanks to the appreciation of the canadian dollar. Long Oil has been good to me/.
  7. long oil has saved many hedgies from having to liquidate large equities short positions ---- today they are partying. Oil ran and the market is breaking down --- double positive for them.
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    I always liked the number $69!