Who's more suited for trading - Kramer, Jerry, George, or Elaine?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sunnyskies, May 25, 2004.

  1. Yea it's a poll.
  2. Maverick74


    Definately Elaine. You do know who her father is right?
  3. Kramer.

    I picture him calmly pyramiding a trend for a cool million.

    George is running around like a headless chicken, forever changing strategies trying to find something that works.

    The losers Elaine continues to hold because she refuses to be wrong are making her unbearable to be around.

    And Jerry is lamenting the ones that got away, because he's too scared to pull the trigger.
  4. Definitely. Although the "Kostanza technique", ie do the opposite of what your gut tells you, is a powerful strategy.
  5. I agree....but to a point, I don't think any of em would be good traders, but of the 4, Kramer wins....

    But I see something more like, Kramer is screwed somehow by a specialist or someone high up at the NYSE, he takes the 'case' to Jackie, Jackie files a law suit and then, when they're about to settle on a multi-million dollar amount, Kramer suggests that a great settlement would be that he could perhaps ring the bell at the open....and the monetary award would never get mentioned.
  6. Anyone remember the episode where he was in the airport boarding terminal betting on arrival times?


    BTW, no, Bluehorseshoe and Kramer are not one in the same person. In fact, he owes me three Gs, but I know he is good for it. :p
  7. Not Kramer. He would cash in his potential SBUX profits for a round of free coffee's.

    Not Seinfeld, as someone said earlier, he would not be able to pull the trigger.

    Not George, although like many ET'ers, he would claim to be a Master Trader (Master of His Domain), but in the end would be found to be lying.

    That leaves Elaine. Although not a great trader, she would analyze each trade very carefully to find out if it was "Sponge Worthy", eventually building a small but relatively successful portfolio of quality trades.