Who's making a living day trading futures?

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  1. I was in Woodies room several years ago and I know nobody there made any money. Even the star of the room at the time said he barely broke even (via PM). When I learned this, I was out of there.

    Just wondering if anyone is making a nice living day trading futures?

    No neeed for attacks or flames...
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    + 1, but it depends on what you call "nice" living.

    Lately I only average 400/500 $ per day.
  3. Hello,

    Was doing really well for a while. However, hit a bad losing streak recently. Got to the point where i was just worn out but trading so i ended up doing what your not supposed to do even though i knew.
    Few K a day is no problem but im not satisfied so thats where i run into problems.

    Anyways, this short term stuff is more stress than i would like so ive decided to take good portion of money out and throw into index funds.

  4. Many people are
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    I do.
  7. Same here
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    The volatility over the last few months has worked quite well with my methodology...I've been making a comfortable living.
  9. 95% lose
    3% breakeven
    2% win

    These figures were given to me by both a large FCM and a well known accountant who specializes in traders' taxes.
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    That's interesting, if true -- but it also implies that the 2% must be making extremely high returns. Or it's all going to the exchanges' bottom lines, which I doubt.

    If that win/loss distro is true, then entering into futures trading seems to be a pretty bad career choice, given most people's (and their spouses') risk aversion as regards lifetime income :D
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