whos interested in designing a system from scratch?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Batman28, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. hi,

    i just found a great software - wealth lab - in another thread here and love to mess about with it.. i like programming too - and learn the language too..

    im a student with lot of free time and i was wondering if any of u r interested in designing a whole new system from scratch with me.

    we'll start with systems dynamics, about our philosophy of trading.

    we'll then discuss the required indicators.

    we'll then build and back test the application.

    it can be successful or failure. eitherway, you can learn from it - ur ideas, and systems design.

    reply to thread if intererested.
  2. Paccc


    Designing a successful system usually depends more on wether the system fits your personal trading style rather than the quality of the indicators used. If you were to partner up with someone, wouldn't you agree that it would be hard for both of you to agree on something? What if one of you believes in day-trading while the other thinks swing trading is the way to go, there'd be a conflict of interest that wouldn't lead to a very productive or successful result. If you can find someone who shares the same beliefs as you, then you'd be in luck, but I think chances of that may be slim. Good luck.

    -- Jason
  3. I am looking for a programmer. What languages are you familiar with ? And where are you located ? US ? PM if you'd like
  4. tireg


    Agree with Paccc.

    I'm also a relatively new user to Wealth-Lab but have been developing a nice system based on EOD data and a moving average.

    I do a little bit of programming so the wealth-script comes pretty intuitively for me, but Wealth-Lab isn't that hard to use... lots of features though, which is great.

    Much as I'd like to work with someone else or a team to do this... I've found that I'm better working on my own or with a non-trading programmer for the reasons Paccc suggested. I have my own ideas about ideal risk, position sizing, timing and indicator use, and portfolio asset allocation and it'd be difficult to change my opinion to fit someone else's...