Who's Hot in Power Pop?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Answer, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Hommies:

    The Answer's gettin' tired of the same ole bitches and the same ole hip hop. My gangsta image is costin' me millions in endorsements. So i wanna start listnin' to some white music but the only thing I know 'bout it, is some of the stuff they play over the P.A. during timeouts. Lets say I wanna here good melodies and some of what you guys call "power chords". Sortta like The Who or Cheap Trick (my man Keith Van Horn turned me on to that shit). Are any new people that aint like Coach Brown's age still makin' that kinda music? That Coldplay aint bad but that wimpy guy who's Gwenyth kinda bugs and besides if she ever saw The Answers she'd think that bro she's smokin is really a Coldplay. Thanks yall for any ideas.
  2. Pabst


    Cool! "Hard to Explain"- cool vid, has the raw sound of early 80's post punk.
  3. Jennifer "It's Tuna, not Chicken" Simpson
  4. nah.. that's on the band's official web site.
  5. You know, if you listen really, really hard there is not any "new"music. Eventually, there are so many chords and notes that can be arranged so that it does not sound like anything new. I wonder when something "new" will come out. "New" is not Justin Timberlake singing a solo song without the help of N'Synch. "New" is not seeing the White Stripes throw a guitar into the amp at the MTV awards. "New" is not Britney Spear's new look. "New" is not The Strokes, the look and sound has been done before. Long hair and Converse shoes???? Its all a repeat.

    Ughhh. There has to be something "New". The last "New" thing was, I'm ashamed to say" might have been Disco. It was such a 180 from wbhat was on the radio. I wanna see a giant leap, not a step. I want to see someone come out and just smash through the blandness of what we call music and is such a fresh new sound that appeals to all they can't find a place on any radio station.

    I'm bored with the music today.

    I feel like I'm in a Timequake. Kurt Vonnegut wrote of it where a timequake occurs and we are destined to live the past 10 years over while making the same mistakes. Thats where the music of today is. Reliving the same stuff over and over. I have not bought a CD in years, well some of that is in thanks to Kazaa, but its all one hit wonders for me. There has not been anyone, IMHO good enough to spend money on to buy a CD in three years.
  6. Hansen rocks!.....MMM Bop!

  7. here is something that MAY fit the bill----


    in my opinion, these guys are unique and rock.


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