Who's got the lowest futures commissions?

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  1. Who has a decent, reliable user-friendly platform w/rock bottom commissions? What is the lowest r/t futures commission offered out there?
    many thx
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    I think you'd be surprised at how low commissions in futures can go for professional traders. It all depends on what you bring to the table. Let's say you use TT, host your own gateways, run your own lines, etc. etc., deal directly with clearing firms, and do big volume, you can get commish rates down to less than a nickel. Basically, all you use the clearing firm for is clearing. Of course exchange fess are seperate and vary according to your individual membership level.

    Do you do enough volume to justify the monthly expenses for the savings in commissions?

    If your just trading like 50rt/day or less just stick with IB, transact, velocity, or any of the numerous introducing brokers and keep overhead low.
  3. InfinityBrokerage.com has always been great to me and they even set up my seat lease for free.
  4. TOS costs about 7 bucks a round trip
    the execution platform is simple and easy to use
    if your need is critical their tech support is pretty good

    I use them because the execution platform and real time quotes --- 144 tick on ym --- are free if you keep a brokerage account

    they do not have the ability to feed data to a spreadsheet - so I am looking for another system that can specifically do that ---- but I've been happy with TOS since I started trading in January
  5. There was a point in time when you could get live data feeds from thinkorswim onto Excel. I don't remember how to access it...
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    transact and PA

    If you high volume 0.60 per side for e-mini ( exchange fees

    Best reliable platform AT,OEC,T4 .They all offered under different names
    AT and OEC without charge .

    But all future brokers
    1.are not pure agents of principals
    2. Account is not SIPC protected

    OXPS and SWIM alsov offer future trading and possibility to switch money to SIPC account after position in future closed

    OXPS and SWIM are pure a gents in realtion to SEC instruments(stock and options)
  7. Who outside of transact offers their platform for trading? I know Infinity does. Any other brokerages offer their platform?
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  9. Thats the Transact Platform. Thx for the info. Have you used it?
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