Who's gonna be the next CA governor?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MrDinky, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. MrDinky


    Here's your chance to shape the future of the world's dumbest state.
  2. Also the state with a larger economy than many of other states combined.
  3. Oh yeah.

    We are a bunch of MORONS out here!

    Even with all of this recall crap going on and the tech industry still mired in recession, CALIFORNIA IS STILL ABLE TO RANK AS ONE THE WORLD'S LARGEST ECONOMIES, WITH $1.2 TRILLION IN GROSS STATE PRODUCT.

    Last time I checked, that ranked right up there between Germany and France.
  4. MrDinky


    I didn't say you weren't big, just dumb.

  5. I must admit that we DO have an awful lot of FAT, SUV DRIVING, FRAPPACHINO DRINKING, SLOPPY, LAZY, WHITE TRASH MORONS in this great state and it is really starting to PISS ME OFF!

  6. msfe


    bring ´em on

  7. CalTrader

    CalTrader Guest

    ... Wait a minute for the rest of my post while I take a sip of my Frapachino, loosen my seat belt, and do a lane change across all 8 lanes of traffic to cut over to the car pool lanes in my giant Hummer SUV..... "CRUNCH" ! ... Must have been one of those little compact cars again, Oh Well.

    I'd finish my post but I need to cut back across all 8 lanes to refill the tank: Only 20 miles since the last fillup.....

    Oh yeah, I'm voting for Arnold since he has a Hummer too .....
  8. REESE

    (slow, but intense)

    Listen. Understand. That

    Terminator is out there. It

    can't be reasoned with, it can't

    be bargained with...it doesn't

    feel pity or remorse or fear...

    and it absolutely will not stop.

    Ever. Until you are dead.
  9. cartm


    If the porn star wins I will have a new found faith in democracy.
  10. cartm