Who's from Phoenix???

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Sky123987, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. If you're from phoenix, let's meet up talk/chat/share ideas

    PM ME
  2. Sky sounds like a cute name for a girl, are you single?
  3. male
  4. The funny thing is, its always the people who want to meet up talk/chat/share ideas that know the least and are hoping to strike gold with someone experienced. You hardly, if ever, hear successful traders asking to do any of these things :)

  5. doli


    yeah, jack & spyder come to mind ;-)
  6. Good point, thats an exception to the rule. What those guys have provided has been very valuable. Thanks for bringing that up Doli :)

  7. all right swordsman...
    if you are from phoenix and would like to meet a profitable trader why don't we meet up somewhere and we'll bring our last months statement, considering you have something to show you we therefore might actually find this helpful for both of us.

    however, i know what you mean... I have come across only idiots
  8. no one from phx?

  9. I sent you a PM.