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  1. Is there a source that states info of institutional stock purchases and sales at a daily, mid-day, or hourly frequency?
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    Institutional traders would not want to make that information available to anyone, much less the general public.
  3. IBD does give a weekly report of where a lot of institutional money is going. This report, which you're probably aware of, doesn't state what company's are buying, but it does state what is being bought, and with how much money being invested.

    If companies don't want the general public knowing what they're buying then what is this report about? I'm confused, please clarify. And besides this report in IBD, there is the instiutional investors tab on my etrade account that states what companies are invested in a selected company.

    Enligthen me if you can and will.
  4. Who is buying? When you know this market has 100% up room to, there is little question to ask yourself who should be buying.

  5. my ten grand is on a bullish prediction, NUVO.
  6. www.trimtabs.com

    TrimTabs Investment Research is the only independent research service that publishes detailed daily coverage of U.S. stock market liquidity, including mutual funds flow.

    rates? $30,000 per year.
  7. other large firms as well as setting flows? And so, in this idea, why not usually disclose buys; and isn't it the people's, invested in any given fund, right to have this information as soon as it occurs.

    The buys, ideally, should be made public and it should be made public in a source that is immediately accesible to the general public and this source should firstly be via internet. If there isn't such a source, I am surprised.
  8. I'm on my way to the murky site that I have long sought, but tell me they don't charge $30,000 a year for the info. I'm literally laughing at the idea, and I'm also upset with myself because I've been trading for as long as I have without this info, which is just as important as many pieces of important info.

    Thank you puffy gums, I bet you have styling gell in your hair, or at least during outings you do.
  9. and I'm not laughing anymore. Hey gums, let's go halves?
  10. aren't active on a trading floor. It's amazing to contemplate. I am inspired and relieved. What now? A smart investor is informed and this is the information needed but I am too financially lowly to access the power.

    Can you, dear old gums, help me? And my good buddy do you have anything else for me. Anything half as exciting is wonderfull. Tell me what a newbie really should, and wants to, know.

    I going back for now.

    Thank you again.
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