Whos buying CITI at 99 cents?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by payup, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. payup


  2. Why throw money at a bankrupt company?
  3. payup


    i mean how low can this dog go???
  4. GTS


    For your answer, take a look at Fannie and Freddie (FNM, FRE)
  5. TGregg


    As I recall, "how low can it go" was asked in Methods of a Wall Street Master by Trader Vic.

    The answer was "How about to zero?"
  6. plugger


    I just bought some just for the stock certificate. I've been collecting these goodies as each goes bankrupt. Something to give the kids who are growing up right now but don't understand right now and will have forgotten by the time they are 18.
  7. I think all three are going up. I'm buying ten shares of each right now.:cool:
  8. akeserla


    I for one was stupid enough to jump in at 3.00 and wanted to sell it on a spike. I am not seeing any, good that I kept my position to 300 only. So pretty much down 66%, will let it stay for while.
  9. it's called a market. buyers & sellers.
  10. It's called nationalization, the company is worth ZERO.
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