Who's been manipulating NQ lately

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by joep, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. joep


    I believe I see a lot of manipulation in the NQ's lately, like buying when there are no offers to make some higher prints. Anyone know who is doing that?
  2. If someone is buying and there are no offers, price will rise to find offers. That's called supply and demand, not manipulation.
  3. Sorry... my bad. My son was playing with my keyboard when I was in the bathroom and was moving NQ all over the place....
  4. joep


    No smart trader would wait until liquidity was absent and then send NQ up 4 pts unless they were trying to jam it up. See 4:46 this morning for an example.
  5. You sure it wasn't that darn cat again! :p
  6. joe - if you are trying to look for manipulation in the NQ at 4:46am, I'm sure you will see some interesting stuff going on there. With little volume and trading going on, anything is possible.
  7. Yes, I know who the 'buyer' is, I bumped into him at a party recently, and when I asked him if he was the guy doing all the buying in the NQ's lately he said "Yes, I am he".

    Does that answer your question doe-ball?
  8. "They" are of course.
  9. Sssssst, not so loud, PM me for more info..
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    Thanks for all the insults on my question. I guess I am just curious on who or what type of person is doing this (hedge fund - discretionary or systematic). Anyone connected, I guess no one here, would know the people who play in the wee morning hours and try to push the futures around.
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