Who's been hit on the chin by more balls?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TM_Direct, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. Ok Guys anbd girls.....let's see how well you know baseball!!
  2. What kind of balls are we talking about? Dry balls or wet balls?
  3. Hair balls
  4. I think you mean hairy balls, right?
  5. mine are shaved

  6. ...BY Bung???:D

  7. bung has loving touch & warm hands. give 'im a try , he'll polish your nuts :D
  8. We're talking about the balls that have hit bung on the chin here. Either you're missing the point, you just want us to know that your balls are shaven, or your balls are shaven and they've hit bung on the chin.
  10. actually i think candletrader's chin sees more action.

    he's not referring to charts when he says "candle" .

    #10     Apr 17, 2003
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