Who's anonymous and who's not?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by TheForexer, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I want to find out more about a problem I've seen with trading on so-called "anonymous platforms". It seems there is a discrepancy between what some people are calling anonymous and what others are calling anonymous. Naturally, the customers I trade against would like to know who I am and learn my trading patterns, P/L my trades so that they can modify their feeds or steal my models, etc. But I recently found out that Lava have been alerting the banks every time I execute an order by sending them a unique identifier that has been assigned to me whenever I trade. They're not giving my actual name, but they are providing my Customer ID, and this makes me wonder how they might be able to use this to cheat me. Are all platforms like this or is there such thing as true anonymity?
  2. How did you found out that Lava is alerting the banks ?!
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    How can any trading be 100% anonymous if they need to identify your account positions to credit you with P/L?

    I think when brokers use the term "anonymous" they only mean that they dont share your name/details with the liquidity providers.
  4. Why not just set up 3-4 different trading companies and open them at different Prime Brokers (If you are that worried)... Then enter your orders in a way that splits orders/methods between the different company accounts and in a way your method won't be seen.