whoops - hobbit did not evolve

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    I pretty much am sick of "science". People have been finding bones of people 8 to 14 feet tall for decades. That does not fit in the prevailing theories so you never hear about it. I knew a guy that knew a guy named Bickel that was finding tools of people 9 feet tall, in the Mojave Desert, then he found bones, then they made him president of the local archaeological society. After he died all the evidence disappeared. Any bullshit thing that fits the prevailing theories gets big news attention with a retraction later on page 99, things that don't fit the theory, like findings of non-fossilized dinosaur bones for one example, you have to dig like crazy to find out about and somebody always comes out with a statement "proven to be a hoax" with no references to the proof, or prover, or anything.
  3. They have ?14 feet tall?

    Besides, this article is very misleading.
    The indonesian professor who snaffled the bones and refused to release them for ages (i dont know if he even has) was of this opinion from the start.
    The aussie team that found them conjectured it was a new species, but as far s i know further excavations have been conveniently stalled, so who's to say?
  4. wow the peer review process of science possibly corrects a mistake and that proves evolution false and the only conclusion left is that some unseen deity just picked up a hand full of dirt and blew into it and created man.
  5. LOL:)
    Begs the question, why a science topic was posted in "politics & religion"

    Thanks again to baron for seperating the forums:cool:
  6. Maxpi;
    "I pretty much am sick of "science". People have been finding bones of people 8 to 14 feet tall for decades. That does not fit in the prevailing theories so you never hear about it."

    Actually, maxpi is right-when the "dragon bones" first started being discovered (and noted historically), they were often reburied , destroyed as "evil" and even ground up and used in virility potions.

    It's true, prevailing attitudes have way too much impact on the pursuit of knowledge.
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    They have been found, photo'd, witnessed, measured, attested to, etc. all over the world. The discoveries just don't go anywhere. I was hearing about Bickel and his tools he was finding in the 1970's, then I moved to the area where he lived and saw newspaper articles about him that did not mention the large artifacts, then I read that he died, never a single mention of the artifacts in the articles. Had I been interested in the controversy at the time I would have asked him personally about the stuff, did not do that, my loss. If you are in contact with anything that is evidence against the prevailing theories you have to document it for yourself and quick, the Smithsonian people will investigate and lose the evidence given a chance. Their charter is not to find the truth about anything, it is to forward the theory of evolution. They will make up stories about "basking sharks" or some such when they are presented with a dinosaur that washes up on the beach. They can be extremely obstinate about things.

    If I hit the big time trading I will have time to try to track down Bickel's heirs and see if they have anything, thing is he was a lone prospector, probably no heirs.
  8. Heh he, i want to go after bigfoot myself.
    Seriously, you cant be into natural history and not be into cryptozoology.

    I dont see why you keep bringing creation/ evolution into it though...................:)

    The physical science is where its at, the rest is conjecture. Open mind.
  9. Btw, the hobbit must have evolved at some point, to adapt against or become susceptible to that nasty encephalitis.

  10. As this post may draw some responses from fundamental Christians, aka "fundies" aka ID'rs, here is a copy of "Fundie Bingo" that lists some of the debating tactics used by the FCs, etc.

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