Whoooooooa!!! Have you seen the new ignore?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by nitro, May 23, 2004.

  1. nitro


    I cannot believe it. I just put someone on ignore, and it is as if that handle does not exist for me!!!!!

    Baron, ET just took a huge step forward. Now, if the ignore from ET would just carry over to the chatroom, that would RULE.


  2. ...enhance that feature with a "most ignored" list? I should very much like to appear near the top of it, as long as I am below Harry and Jack. Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?
  3. Has anyone seen Nitro lately?
  4. nitro


    nitro :D
  5. I think another good feature will be if poster can
    see that he is on your ignore list and his posts
    to you being disabled, when replying to your post
    in threads.
  6. dbphoenix


    I agree. I recently redid my Ignore list and found a couple dozen PMs that I didn't even know were there. If the people making them weren't notified that their PMs were being ignored, what's to stop them from continuing to make them and taking up file space?
  7. Right, this way ass...es get to know about themselves
    when finding out that they are on everyone's ignore
    list, soon they will change their attitude
  8. dbphoenix


    It ain't that easy.
  9. zdreg


    could you mean vox lucidus and his terrorist cell dribble and fee for return of worldco capital. examples of a pathetic stab at humor. did those threads disappear or were they figments of my imagination
  10. Ig
    Ignorance is Bliss!

    hey, let's call it the Bliss lisss :D
    #10     May 24, 2004