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  2. Well NITRO, the people of this country voted the Clown in to office along with the rest of the Jokers and Fools.

    You make the bed, you lay in it.

    Even the new "Congress" is a joke.

    All one can do is his/her chips, be wise and make sure you do not loose ur net worth. That is the NAME OF THE GAME NOW.
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    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
  4. Republicans tried to give you the solution...dont vote for Obama. Democrats didnt want to hear it because they were so busy voting for change and showing the world how non racist they were for voting in a black president.
  5. I do not try to even imagine how to have a solution for unemployment...it is out of my control.

    The demographics of an aging population is the problem.


  6. I think Obama realizes how busy everyone's life is & getting a job is just one more thing we don't really have time for.

    Comparison shopping, getting a second opinion from a Doctor or even an auto repair are time consuming. Camera's in the workplace, computer filters, people just can't get personal things done like in the old days on company time.

    The unemployed are "green" people when it comes to conserving energy, driving cars, using up a/c and heat at home and the office is so passe.

    If job prospects are 8 bucks an hour, no duh you ain't going to be paying any taxes so wtf, this is a big waste of IRS and company payroll records (save a tree, except now reciepts even when you buy a donut are sometimes a foot long with messages).

    There are risks with a job (people get hurt or get ideas) and dag nabbit, we need to keep insurance liability costs down, unclog the courts with HR litigation of every sort..... you get my drift.

    Obama, is da man.
  7. The people that loved Bush's policies, hate them now. This country is fuckin crazy. The bed was made before Obama. Once you guys decide what side of the argument you're going to take, then there can be a discussion. Before you forget, Bush was the one that sent billions to Iraq. Bush was in office when things went to hell. The worst thing obama tried to do was pass a healthcare bill and clean up the mess he was stuck with. Has he done a perfect job? No, but you really look like an idiot if your coming from a straight-line stance
  8. You do realize that the billions spent "in" Iraq were spent paying AMERICAN soldiers who send the money back to the US to support wives/kids. The contractors are also americans and american companies who spend their money in the US too. All the equipment, the planes, the vehicles...all american made items which created lots of jobs here so more americans could spend more money here. What I am saying is that most of that money spent in Iraq is getting recycled back into the US.

    But at least Bush only spent "billions" over budget, unlike obama who is spending TRILLIONS over budget. If Obama just cut spending ONE year to where we only have a 500 billion dollar deficit(100 billion more than bush spent in his highest spending year) he would be praised by dems and republicans alike for cutting over a trillion dollars out of budget.

    Hows that for crazy?
  9. I don't know why FOXNews viewers post on this site, but it's a interesting trainwreck of logic to watch.

  10. agreed. I'm often in awe of some of the dumb remarks people make on here, it's like listening to the logic of a 10 year old.
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