Whom to Contact?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mjt, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. mjt


    If you have a problem with a broker that promised you a certain # of free trades but reneged on the offer, who would you contact? The SEC?
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  3. mgregor


    Why don't you post your story, so maybe someone else won't get suckered by this broker also.

  4. mjt


    I don't want to post the name of the broker right now. I mean, it's possible that I'm wrong. They're telling me that there were certain stipulations that I didn't meet. I wasn't informed at the time. I'm not sure whether they're obligated to disclose all that information or not. I would think so, but what do I know?

    I believe the broker is fairly reputable. I don't want to damage their reputation (unless, of course, I know for sure that they screwed me.)
  5. mjt


    They agreed to give me my free trades. FWIW it was EXPTrader. As I mentioned in the last post, they are a reputable firm. It was just a slight misunderstanding.