Whom to ban next!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stroma, Aug 26, 2003.

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    Figured since we are allowed to ban folks, let's see who should be next...
  2. It looks like i have to actaully spell out why some people dont understand Jack. What he writes are posts with a LOT of substansive content. Stuff with a LOT of substansive content needs to be read multiple times. Let me give you an example:
    I am an Economics major from the Universtiy of Pennsylvania. Economic textbooks(university level) are books with a lot of substanisve content. You have to read each page multiple times. The reason being that the first time around you only understand the logic of the first paragraph.Somewhere along the rest of the page you missed one thing. That one thing leads you too not understand the rest of the page. This is why you have to read it MULTIPLE times before you understand the whole page very well. Jack has already stated numerous times that he has written several textbooks. Textbooks contain things with a lot of substansive content that needs to be read multiuple times to fully understand.
    People here who dont like him dont know if he is or isnt a good trader. They just dont understand him. What this means are the people who dont understand him are not reading enough times and grasping what he sais.
    People who do not grasp things at the university level fail and recieve D's and F's.
    What is happening here is that we have a majority of the forum falling into the D's and F's. This makes sense as the majority of traders here are small time traders and not profitable. We know this from previous polls done on ET.

    *****so here we are now with the IDIOTS banning Jack. They ban Jack becasue they could not understand him. They dont understand him becasue they are either stupid or did not put in the work. And so they Ban. Does that seems like a fair basis too ban somone in ET? NO.NO.NO.NO.
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    BTW, I put a duplicate of this poll in the announcements forum after I realized chit chat doesn't show up on the front page.
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    A lot of content? Scan for issues based on some well known quality considerations and small market cap, then backtest them each for certain cyclicity properties, then watch the good ones and enter on some volume and price considerations and keep your money working by exiting one issue and putting the money in the next issue appropriately, unless the general market starts to fall and cause your strategy to not work. If anybody could EVER figure the actual details of the above process they could probably detail it out in a few paragraphs. Now maybe Jack knew that but he also knew that nobody would go to the trouble to actually learn if he just stated it really simply so he rubbed everybody's nose in the material until they responded by figuring out things or admitting they were slothful and going away.

    Regarding Jack's psychology: Neural Linguistic Programming? That is a real winner for sure. Jack set himself up as the new age top dog, out to show some other people that they should bow to him and guess what? He lost. Read up on the "Top Dog-Underdog" conflict in psychology, the top dog nearly always loses, pride goeth before a fall, etc.

    Jack is gone and I still can't figure out what his entry signal was, DU at 11 am? He entered on rising volume relative to the falling volume of previous bars I guess, in the middle of a trend. That is the one thing in all of his babbling that was new to me and I didn't quite get it yet, oh well, life goes on.

  5. substansive content is meaningless when the underlying premise is non-sensical.

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    I vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.


    There is something about hot weather that brings out the worst in most people. Seems to me that is when riots happen.
    Have a cool drink, sit under a fan and relax. Trading is horrible in August so you might as well take a vacation from the PC dudes.