Wholesale Transaction Rates For High Volume Traders And Firms

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by beaburt, Aug 19, 2002.

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    I represent a national self-clearing securities firm that offers wholesale per share/ contract rates to high volume traders and firms. We also offer a dynamic state of the art front-end order execution platform that provides almost instantaneous fills, as well as a proprietary programming system that can transcribe/integrate any system code ie Easy Language/ Trade Station into our front-end for fully automated system traders. We cater to hedge funds, asset management firms, blackbox/ automated firms, and active retail traders. If you are interested in cutting costs and adding basis points to your quaterly performance reports CONTACT: Removed by moderator
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    Way to go. You managed to violate our member agreement on your first post.

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    LMAO. Baron is on the job, responding in 8 minutes! Unfortunately, he probably has to do this all to often. You have my thanks for running this site, Baron.
  4. "Do not use this message board for soliciting our members."
    ..unless you are willing to advertise and/or become a sponsor...
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    I wish people would stop complaining and just be thankful for this medium that Baron has created for us to exchange ideas...all for free.
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    Uhm. I wasn't whining. It was funny what Baron said. And, this board is an excellent source of info, and even some amusement.
  7. ..just pitching Baron's site - for free. I am a nice guy deep down.
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    TG...I didn't think you were.

    andrasnm...I was giving you a hard time.:D
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    unless you are DON BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Why thank you, I appreciate the support...


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