Wholesale food prices on pace to post their strongest gain in three decades

Discussion in 'Economics' started by pupu, Oct 20, 2011.

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  2. Since a growing number of the people are on food stamps, they have no real concern about the rising food prices. The race to convert everyone into "wards of the state" solves all these inconvenient outcomes.
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    A place near me sells baked goods and just announced they were raising prices by 20%, I think thats fucking crazy!!!!

    There is no stopping inflation thanks to BUBBLE ben bernanke and friends, and talk of QE3 is on the table, if you think inflation is bad now just wait until QE3 comes and more worthless trillions are pushed into the system.
  4. Is there anything else that we think the Fed should be targeting? So far, in addition to the unemployment and CPI, I have:
    a) strength/weakness of USD;
    b) monetary aggregates, such as M2/M3;
    c) wholesale prices, i.e. PPI;

    I think you should petition Congress to change the Fed mandate to include all of the above ASAP.