Whole foods

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  1. $1 soon

    like crox

    gains wont hold
  2. you're a moron and you're just mad that you can't afford to shop there anymore


    (PS > this is what "surging" looks like since you continually misuse the term to represent .5 to 1.5% moves)
  3. kxvid


    There are tons of millionaires in the US. You basically have to be rich to shop at wfmi, but many people who are accept no substitute and do all their shopping at whole foods.
  4. I think you mean Half Foods. Where I am Central Market and Market Street are killing them.
  5. Millionaires shop at liz clairborene, too


    premium brands are dead. but they were never great investments to begin with, though.
  6. jaley


    guys you should know by now that everything stock_trad3r says is the opposite of the truth
  7. That's the problem with a single digit IQ.
  8. Looking at charts of Sotheby's BID, I've noticed that it has broken through it's major support level of $8 in the last few days for no reason I can ascertain, but then I see wholefoods pop with better than expected earnings after a similar pre-earnings slide. I think they go after the same demographic of people, and results for auctions have been disappointing but not disastrous.

    Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?
  9. Not Half Foods, Whole Paycheck Foods
  10. unlike the earnings gaps from NFLX and AMZN this won't hold
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