Whole Concept Of Track Record is STUPID!

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  1. I can hold 2 or 4 accts of opposite portforlios each say having 15 or more instruments (stocks, indices, FX).

    As long as one of these accts goes up by 200% or more in 2 to 3 years, I stand a chance to enter an institute. Just square off and apply for your hedge fund manager job.

    Whether I perform thereafter does not matter as long as I get my fund manager's pay, perks and carry my bosses (O.O) ,

    Carry ON! just like housewives carrying trades

  2. If it was that easy, POST your track record !!!
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    Yeah right, that's gonna happen ... in your dreams !
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    The concept of "track record" includes ALL of your trades over time... not just the winners.
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    not for MR.Market....if the positions arent closed they are neither winners or losers...:p
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    Please refrian from posting here again.
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    If that's the case, it's just bluster. As far as the SEC and NASD are concerned, a "track record" is auditable. If you say "anything" about performance, you MUST say "everything"... that would include "mark to market" on open positions.

    And BTW, if you have a break in your track record, everything before the break is considered as void. That keeps the dishonest from losing a lot but claiming "didn't trade during that period".

    A genuine track record which is long enough and while no guarantee of future results, is a valuable tool for assessing market ability.
  8. It's not only the winning trades but the net profit of a winning acct.
  9. Who's going to report all the accounts. Traders have so many accounts. Really dumb.
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    If you're going to talk "track record", it will be the sum of all accounts.... and usually weighted by capital.

    I remember a few years ago someone boasting of his 60% or so return in Fidelity Select (sector) mutual funds. When asked, "what percentage of your capital was in those funds", he said "5%". When asked, "where was the rest of your money", he said "T-Bills".

    So in spite of his 60%, his track record was BFD!
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