Whoever keeps posting these anti-semitic spam threads is a complete douchebag.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Reaver, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Feel free to delete this at your convenience, mods.

    Just wanted to get that point out there
  2. Kabitzing about the damned bagel munchers has no place in trading. Kick this thread to chat.

    Rennick Sharpton out:cool:
  3. Yeah, you would think they could get this under control by banning the IP address or just start deleting these accounts as soon as they post this crap. They really need to get this under control soon.
  4. Hey jackass how bout they just delete like I asked?
  5. Brandonf

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    Glad to see that I'm not alone in the view, and probably represent a 99% majority view on this matter. I'd just PM'd Baron when I saw this thread. It is something that I think they need to find a perminent solution to or its going to have a negative impact on the site overall.
  6. Normally, I would agree about not posting off-topic stuff in the main forums, but the OP is right. This spamming is affecting the entire site so posting this thread in whatever forum gets the mods attention is justified.
  7. There's no shortage of workable solutions, only the desire to implement them.

    I provided a solid solution to this crap 18 months ago.
    It received the exact same response as every other constructive idea posted in the feedback section.... nada.

    Quote from Rearden Metal:

    Give a few dozen trusted longtime ET members 'partial' moderator privileges. They'd be only allowed to erase obvious spam, and never allowed to erase anything else.
    If they break the rule just once and erase something that isn't blatant spam- their 'spam eraser' gets taken away.

    Also helpful:
    Quote from Li Ka Shing:

    Just another idea, an automatic time limit can be used. For instance, a new user's first 20 posts have to wait 30mins or 1 hour in between each post. Some forums also use this method.

    Here's another perfect solution that Baron wisely decided to ignore 18 months ago:
    Quote from sulli:

    I would suggest placing a "report spam" button at the top of every thread. Once the thread is reported by an arbitrary number of ET members (say 10). Then the thread is suspended until further review by moderators.

    This way everyone can do their part.

    (Yes, I posted the same thing twice about how to prevent people from posting the same thing twice. The paradox will blow your mind, man.)
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  9. Can you explain this a little more?
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