Whoa, WTF drawdown in Olsen Invest's FX Fund

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Corso482, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Sanjuro


    35% Performance Fees.
    That is just sick!
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  3. bolter


    He's obviously a better broker than fund manager. So much for the whole notion of " High Frequency Trading".
  4. dont


    I know of one broker that trades a hedge fund through himself rather than another cheaper broker. Weird but he refuses to admit that what he is doing is fraud.
  5. are you trying to say Oanda's Dr. Richard Olsen is trading a hedge fund thru his Oanda brokerage?

    Is that what this whole thread is about?
  6. hano53


    hello american traders,

    Iam an australian day trader I find this site very interesting.
    ill be very happy to hear from a fellow American day traders.
    maybe to exchange some trading secrets. LOL


  7. dont


    No thats not what I am saying it was in reply to post about perhaps he's a better broker than trader.

    But you never know maybe thats what he's doing
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    saisGroup questionnaire

    page 10:
    q: who is your prime broker(s)? could an investor clear through another of his choice?
    a: an investor could use any broker. our automatic trading works on the OANDA FX trading platform

    page 11:
    q: at what brokerage firms are you currently approved?
    a: Morgan Stanley, OANDA
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    I have noticed that all the clever posts come from people registered before 2002.

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