Whoa. Record deficit in USA of $221 billion for February

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  1. mebbe get ready to migrate to new zealand and hunker down with the sheep
  2. welsh people you only have one thing on your mind.
  3. and the market is up 8 days straight and up 17 of the last 20 days.
    what is the market telling us? at least we know its not scary to the narket.
  4. the market is telling us that the government is well aware of the facts, so they are on a spending spree while the shit lasts
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    These spending habits can keep going and going, however anyone thinking this is a positive moving forward is a fool.
  6. think deeper. the market is not a fool. i think the market only sees one way out of this debt problem. that is hyper inflation. if hyper inflation happens you want to own assets.
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    Relax, guy.

    That's only 2.4 Trillion, annualized. America can borrow and spend forever. Consequences don't exist !!
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    I think the reality is that the deficit is going way higher, I don't like these optomistic figures.
  9. Its like the neighbor that keeps buying expensive new cars, lives in a 500k house, his wife is wearing diamonds, but you know he is just a middle management employee at some corporation. On the outside it looks like he is doing well, but you do not want to give your money to this guy to invest. Sadly, when people see a man like this, they throw all their money at him because "he must know what he's doing,right?"

    I remember this real estate guru (I think it was Tom Vu) who once said "If you want people to loan you money, go get a Ferrari. People will beg you to take their money and invest it for them."
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