whoa did anyone watch kudlow tonight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Nov 8, 2006.

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    what a joke, he spun the democratic win as something positive, just yesterday he was all republican this republican that...too funny. Hope some of you caught that.
  2. Kudlow has always done that. If the Nazi's had won power he would spin his support of them too!
  3. I agree with him. Wow! Did I actually say that?

    Seriously though, Don't count the "Blue Dog Dems" out yet. Not to mention... watch the real conservative "conservatives" come back to lead in the republican party. They lost their way, and now it's time for a change.

    Moderation and pragmatism is back. :)
  4. He must be back on the smack.

    This from an internet biography.........

    The onetime acolyte of Reagan budget chief David A. Stockman lost his $1 million-a-year post as chief economist for the Bear, Stearns & Co. investment house in 1994 and a subsequent job as an economics writer for William F. Buckley's National Review in a devastating downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse that Kudlow said dates to the mid-1980s. He resigned from Bear Stearns shortly after he blacked out on a cocaine binge and missed a speaking engagement in Boston with 200 of the company's most important clients.
  5. I heard Cramer say on his show yesterday, that he was such a nerd, back in the day, and he had never partied or smoked pot. I thought to myself yeah... right. He only massively, deviated his septum with all the coke he snorted in the '80's. :D
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    I am sorry I don't get it.....what does spinning the news have to do with Mr. Kudlow's mistakes in his PRIVATE/PERSONNAL life in the PAST, have to do with each other.....not a bad comeback after all those mistakes....of which I dare to believe some others have made and never returned from!!!....
  7. Welcome to ET, $$$Lover. Trading is a stressful business. ET seems to be a place for the venting, the insults, you name it. Probably helps some to let go of the tension. Also, it is anonymous, so there is no limitation, except the monitoring from the Administrator.
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    As he is one of the great economists under Regan that basically fixed the awful socialist government we had, and then went on to great success in the private sector, I am not going judge him too harshly. Especially, seeing as no one here has accomplished as much as he has.
  9. Read the first post again. It says Stockman was the man with the problem not Kudlow.
  10. I drive a 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding :)

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