WHOA! Check out the CBOE Put-to-Call ratio

Discussion in 'Trading' started by circadian, May 21, 2008.

  1. rather dramatic move, I might say. I like this a little better than the VIX. The $cpc is a little more of a leader. By the way, those of you that are "God's Special Little Traders", read this puppy upside down to get a feel for where we might be headed next, and enjoy.
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  2. Not suprising since we will break the uptrend tomorrow if we have a down day.
  3. Must be a good buying op coming up
  4. levels above 1.10 should be equated with a healthy amount of pessimism in the markets. I'm just surprised at how fast this puppy jumped up. This has been a wonderful indicator for me, you can get alot of historical index put-to-call data from the CBOE website.