Who would you rather pray to

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rowenwood, May 3, 2004.

  1. who
  2. dgmodel

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    elitetrader.com seems to be the endallbeall... :rollseyes:
  3. ooooo..

    sweet child o'; mine ;-\

    where do we go now??
  4. Rowenwood, I would like to pray to whom or what ever it is that you pray to because when you prayed for all your fantasies to seem real to you even though they were in fact, just fantasies, it obviously worked.
  5. Rowenwood, she is calling you "Mike."

    She knows you?? I mean, you two know each other?

  6. Easter Bunny can make your sweet dreams come true my child.

    And maybe we can have a threesome?
  7. In other words, she wants her fantasies fulfulled.

    *rolling eyes*
  8. Sorry to disappoint you TO, but his statement was so asinine that I could only respond with a smart ass answer...I.E. Contrary to Rowenwood's assesment of me, and I'm sure much to his disappointment, he is just a little bit off....
  9. She's knows me very well.
  10. Rowenwood,

    I do believe she just told you off!
    #10     May 3, 2004