Who would win in a fight, Trader or Investor?

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  1. Who do you think will win? Of course I'm not talking about real fighting.. We are talking about a money fight.. Who will make more money?

    Of course this depends on time, but let's say in 5 years.. Who would you bet on?

    Well since I'm a trader, of course my bets are with the day trader.. Why? Well, I believe if you are good at trading then you might have a little advantage over investors and here's why..

    Investors basically get their gains from up moves..while traders can benefit from up, down and sideways moves..

    Traders can start with a small account and gain 100% on their money in months.. While investors may have to wait much longer for those types of gains..

    Traders also have the option to hold their position a little longer than normal (swing trading).. While investors buy and hope :)..

    What are your thoughts? Who would you bet on?
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    Given that some statistics say that 90%+ of traders LOSE money but markets have trended UP for decades (on average), I'll go with the INVESTOR as a winner on average.
  3. Very true.. But we are talking about in 5 years time and also the trader knows how to trade.. Who would you bet on?
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    If we're talking about the very few people percentage wise that could trade, then of course the trader.
  5. I believe Goldman Sacks would win...hands down!

    ...and then give themselves some more money. :D
  6. title said "Who would win in a fight, Trader or Investor? "

    It did NOT say "Good, Profitable Trader with Exceptional Money Management" :D

    I would go with the investor almost every time, unless I knew the trader and could verify their results. I would guess that after 5 years, the average investor will be ahead of the average trader 95-99% of the time.
  7. depends on which 5 years we are talking about. If an investor started in '04 - '05 then he would be WAY down right now.
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    As mentioned earlier, depends on the decade.
  9. The title didnt say, but in my first post I did say if you are good at trading.. I do agree that investors could make good money, but its usually slow money.. Once in a while you might get a spike in your investment account..

  10. Very true.. But I think a good trader doesn't have to worry about the decade.. IMO
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