who would hire an independent trader?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by blogtrader, Aug 1, 2005.

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    I have been trading for a living for 2 years quite successfully and I'm pretty happy with my life. I develop my own systems and trade them.

    But if I ever wanted to get a job in the "real world" who would hire me ? What kind of jobs would I be qualified for and who would be interested in my skills ? Probably no one.
  2. Don't be too harsh on yourself. If your method is scalable, and you could be happy with a % of a much bigger profits, some hedgefunds or the institutional side will be more than happy to snatch you up.
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    Yes my methods are scalable, does that mean I don't have to flip burgers in case I want a job?
  4. Something's wrong here. How do you go from trading "quite successfully" to worrying about "flipping burgers". Sounds to me like you're going to be a great addition to the cast of "fantasy traders" here at ET.. Maybe you and Ripley can share power when you become Masters of the Universe. Just don't forget us little people.



    In direct answer to your question. Based on your post, in my office you would have been screened out during the first interview. Sorry.
  5. There is nothing wrong with flipping burgers.

    I was out there today, and I only had $4.04 on me, and that lady put up the rest of it for a Quater Pounder Value Meal, like around $ 4.85... I mean, there is nothing wrong with burger flippers or flipping burgers or being a cashier at a burger joint.
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    I was just making a joke, I guess I should have anticipated this
  7. You got that right. and I was just joking as well. Who wouldn't be glad to have you in their office.
  8. Was this for your "friend" as well? :D
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    Helping losers to feel better about themselves, maybe I could turn that into a business, lol
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    Hedge funds and private client groups at larger brokerages hire professional tyraders. You're valuable if you can do what 95% of traders cannot... Make a living at it.
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