who would have known, Mods are psychologists

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by insert, Jun 19, 2007.

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    very well done ET, well done, There were two guys here Atticus and WhyWHy fighting and mods didn't remove the thread immediately but only after fight was over. This was smart for several reasons. Giving them opportunity to finish duking it out so that it wouldn't spill elsewhere. Giving them closure and then deleting the whole mess. Great Job !!
  2. You do realize the big delay in deleting such a thread has probably allowed them and others like them to think such is acceptable and that there threads will remain here at ET for a good length of time prior to deletion.

    That in itself will most likely encourage such behavior in the future along with being an eye sore of a thread during its rowdy stay.

    Therefore, via the fact that their problems has been occurring else where at ET in many different threads...

    I strongly doubt they have any closure.