Who would call a SP BOTTOM?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by MarkBrown, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. whom among us would call a bottom on the SP futures?

    wondering what if any well know guru's are being brave enough to call a bounce?

    Mark Brown
  2. I wouldn't call in a bottom but I sure would say we have a bounce to the 20 day. My bias is still to the downside but I don't mind going long if it makes sense to me.

    I wouldn't mind touching 1220 and bouncing back to the 200 day. That is what I would like but I am sure it won't happen.
  3. Bowgett


    Bottom in what time frame?
  4. Surdo


    Leave the bottom picking for Alex and his lemmings!

  5. daily data - guess you were hoping for a 1 tick solution? sorry i save those calls for my private use.


    also agree this is not a long term bottom but a shorter term call like one poster eluded to.

  6. i called the bottom within a day - i have published this formula free on the internet many times and as anyone can see - for option writing of which this was developed - it's as good as it gets. to sell puts would have been a good thing. now i will call the top when i see it and so on as everyone just keeps guessing "crazy huh?"

  7. I was very bullish for the month of August.

    From a monthly view point, we dropped below the 20 and 50ema on a monthly back in June. However July and August failed to break above those levels. I think we are setting up for the next leg down. We could very well test 1310 but I don't see us moving any higher than that. Just my opinion.
  8. Within day and 53 S&P points against you! poor R/R

    Are you selling systems or trading?

  9. it went about 25 points against me if you figure from the close like i did or even if you figure from the low as well it still was only 25 points against me.

    i would like to see anyone stick their neck out with a real name like me and try and predict with conviction what i do. NO one can do that - i can.

    i can do it as i always have since 1996 i have posted trades on the internet BEFORE i take them and as i take them in real time.

    i have seen countless others come and go in this business, they all come and go and myself a few less vocal talk about the history of who has come and gone and laugh about the battles i have fought with those blissfully ignorant random participants. figure that out.


    ps i sell systems i don't need, trade, fore-tell, advise, teach, love, hate and race amongst other things!

    ALSO I do often have trades that go against me 50 points I have no fear of trades moving against me at all. I never use stops and am always in the market. I'm not like little scared money traders who pass out with a tick against them. I am always correct on big moves like hundreds of points and that's what counts in the long run. I know how long it will go and how far - it's a study of amplitude and magnitude.

    there now go own the world.
  10. I trade some decent size, probably more size than most on here.

    If you are letting a trade move 50 points against you, your entry and analysis of the market are very poor.
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