Who would buy a tulip 1 million dollar today ?

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  1. At the height of the tulip bubble about 350 years ago, the rare Semper Augustus flower was worth 6 000 florins approximately 1 million dollar in today's money.

    In 100 years the next generation would perhaps ask who would buy an internet dotcom ... or government bonds for 1 billion dollar whereas it was virtually in bankruptcy although nobody dare to tell this truth to the population like in any bubble :D
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    Weren't you going to take the summer off, Harry?
  3. You miss some post: I said that finally I will stay in honor of Mr racist Candle. It's so amusing no ?

  4. Funny detail:

    "Even the mayor of Amsterdam resigned his post and invested in the tulip business. "


    Frankly today looking at people I don't think that they are less mad that this mayor since they don't EVEN REALISE their madness haha ! frankly I would be an ET that I wouldn't believe my eyes that after hundred years of repetion of the same idiocies people fall again and again in the same error and that a generation will be again devastated. Unhappily the majority of people who are not responsible for this folies will have to pay also. You can't realise for most of you the cost of that it's out of your imagination but those who have known 1929 or who have known war can imagine.
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    Would be about 100 years old.
  6. Who would buy at website concept that isn't even open or even more that hasn't opened the website for $200 a share...
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    A 6 3/4 inch french fry sold for $250.00 on Ebay not to long ago....yes a 6 3/4 inch french fry......so the true value is on how much someone is willing to pay for it.....after the purchase of the fry the owner may not ever be able to get that price again or maybe more......:confused:
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    I would buy a tulp for 1 million $ every day, if I could sell it tomorrow for 1 million and 1$...
  9. "true value" ? don't confound a price mesure with value. a mesure can be false. If a price was always the true value there wouldn't need to have several terms except if you use mini-speak language or mini-truth hee hee ! If price was the true value we wouldn't have bubble haha !

    If you reduce everything to their facial appearance then you are just a pack of meat.

  10. The worst financier wouldn't buy for 1$ profit the return is even lower than the fed's rate and above all because of vol :D

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