Who worried are you about the mexican swin flu?

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    The U.S. declared a public health emergency after hundreds of cases of swine flu sprung up around the world. The virus has been linked to more than 150 deaths in Mexico and health officials are encouraging people to take standard precautions such as frequent hand washing and avoiding work or school if ill.
    How worried are you about the swine flu? Are you changing or carrying on with your travel plans to Mexico?
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    There is worse stuff in Mexico than the stupid flu, I'm not going there anytime, ever...

    I wonder if they qualify as a failed state really, you can't trust the cops, you can't drink the water, you can get kidnapped for ransom.....
  3. Drugs and the American addicted keeping the Mexican Dream alive :p
  4. [​IMG]

    This little bastard has doomed us all!
  5. Interesting screen name.
    Welcome to ET with your first post.

    I'm curious.
    Do you actually trade for a living or are you simply here to generate web "activity" for ET at month end like several other "prop" posters?
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    Mexico has never held a candle to the US in almost any area you can think of. Now you're telling us it's the US's fault? I can't believe I don't have you on ignore yet.. what was I thinking..
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    In an average year, 250,000 people die from some form of flu worldwide. I have a strong suspicion that this particular outbreak won't add even 10% to this figure - possibly not even 1%. So while I always take the basic precautions such as frequent hand washing and avoiding crowded places when flu is going around, I see no need to take these any further this time. I think it is way over-hyped. Maybe a lot of people will get sick, maybe not. But I expect, when all is said and done, it will be a drop in the bucket as far as the normal number of flu deaths is concerned (compared to the number that die from the flu in a "normal" year).

  8. WE ARE ALL DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! - Media
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    It doesn't seem to be that virulent in the US. I guess that the doctors here have something to treat it. The take on Mexicans is they don't go to doctors early enough. I don't know why, they have freebie medical plans, maybe the freebie medicine is not thought highly of or the queue is so long it's not a good path for somebody that is only going to be sick for a few days...
  10. this is waiting 4 u in Mehico

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