Who wins in a Trade War? China or US?

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Who wins in a Trade War?

  1. US wins by a mile! Not even close.

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  2. China wins by a mile! Not even close.

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  3. US wins by a hair, close but, not decisive enough

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  4. China wins by a hair, close but, not decisive enough

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  5. Do not know who wins. I am just an ignorant troll.

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    Good for you. I hedged my positions today. Not taking chances now. I will be ready, whatever happens next.
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  2. https://qz.com/1614743/winning-the-h-1b-visa-lottery-is-getting-more-and-more-difficult/

    Thank God that H1B applications are now more heavily scrutinized. There is hope that abusive agencies that tried to funnel in tons of IT workers that often undercut local salaries will now be reigned in and more scrutinized. Though I still do not see steps taken to categorize and rank skill sets of applicants. The lottery system is a slap in the face of all highly qualified applicants who are currently competing with some It web developers and other lower skilled IT workers. How can it be that someone with a graduate degree from MIT or Carnegie Mellon who worked in high level positions for over 10 years competes with hundreds of thousands of lesser qualified applicants on an equal footing? How come that someone who might have never studied in the US before and might only be able to design web pages gets the same chances of acceptance than a US graduate school graduate with years of high level experience and a super competitive skill set and experience? Statistics show that the majority of current applicants are Indians who did not study in the US before and did not graduate from the likes of ITT and do not perform highly skilled jobs. Those statistics do not lie and they skew the chances of much more highly qualified applicants. Hopefully those unfair practices will be adjusted soon.

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  3. America's biggest weakness in this war is its disloyal citizenry. China is 99% han chinese,one ethnic group in a communist country. Their people are much more willing to sacrifice for the greater good than america. Even though their economy will be more severly hurt,blowback from a traitorous media and malevolent citizenry will doom trump's negotiation. Unless he doesn't give a f**, and i hope he doesn't. The people that are crying the loudest are the ones that have been terrible to him. It's like that quote 'the traitor cries out as he strikes you'. The media was evil to trump because they thought he would lose and now that he has won they are scared of blowback so they hunker down and become even worse.
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    You got that right. Now, if Americans supported the USA, they would avoid buying Chinese products. It is that simple. There are multiple choices of similar products manufactured by Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. So, why continue to buy Chinese products with tariffs then, whine about paying tariffs? China does not have to worry because they are communist and everyone has to follow the party line and be loyal Chinese citizens. Americans who have no love for the USA would find that their lives are more miserable in the future if the Chinese get their way. Americans would be the slaves of the Chinese! They would own most if not all the businesses because of their unfair trade practices that a number of Americans condone! If you do not think this is possible, look at the other Asian countries where China has a huge number of companies. That is your future if the US go back to unfair, one sided trade with China!
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  5. The way that China is colonizing Africa is economically ruthless (nothing compared to the European colonization of course) but Africa's economic colonization is the USA's future if the negotiations go in China's favor (which they won't.)
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  7. America is a great deal more independent than Africa.
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  8. For now. America loses its dominance, perhaps.
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  9. I would not call it disloyal, but rather freedom of opinion and thought. In China most citizens do not know anything how their country stole IP and trade secrets for years because those news never make it into any of the news outlets because it is censored away. I think a great deal of Chinese would take a different stance from their government if they knew the full extent of the truth and how China has failed to implement its WTO commitments. The leadership there exactly knows that which is why they censor those news.

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  10. Help is on the way

    NPR: Trump To Outline Immigration Plan That Would Overhaul Who Is Allowed Into The U.S..

    A first step to immigration reform. No more family based immigration (other than children and spouse), soon gone are the days where entire clans move from India/China and other countries to the US even though there are numerous members of such clans who do not benefit the US at all but are a pure burden to society, economically speaking. Soon immigrants will be better screened for language skills, skill set/work experience, and how they economically benefit America.

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