Who wins in a Trade War? China or US?

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Who wins in a Trade War?

  1. US wins by a mile! Not even close.

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  2. China wins by a mile! Not even close.

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  3. US wins by a hair, close but, not decisive enough

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  4. China wins by a hair, close but, not decisive enough

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  5. Do not know who wins. I am just an ignorant troll.

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  1. Yeah with a billion people you can have quite a health economy can't you
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  2. China manufactures nothing at the moment that you would want to produce in-house. But I concur with others regarding the forced technology transfer and IP theft, that has to end immediately.

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  3. Ditto. With our "open borders" policies, America is going in the toilet! :(
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  4. It's not the open border policy per se, but who is let in. Illegals, lowly educated, and mediocre IT people. While highly trained and specialized researchers from Europe have a super hard time to obtain visa. Entire East Asian and Indian clans are let in regardless of skillset and experience just because they have an aunty or brother who already lives in Canada or the US.

    It's this left belief that all people are equal when they are simply not that fucks up America. As if any of the previous immigrants a century ago or so were not some of the most ambitious people on earth. Its gut wrenching when even websites who showcase the 30 most beautiful women MUST include ladies from Iran, Afghanistan, and many black women not because they are among the 30 most beautiful but because they make up a racially diverse pool.


    The downfall occurs when we don't bring in and nominate the best but aim to be racially and religiously diverse. Sometimes we do neet to profile, for example Islam is inherently hostile to any unbeliever while Christianity and Judaism preaches the opposite. We should be very careful how many Muslims we allow to settle in our Western nations. One of the biggest Satan's of our times is the insistence on equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities.

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  5. zdreg


    Your post is jingoistic sentiments about a fading empire.
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  6. smallfil


    Market manipulation happens everyday on CNBC! Don't you see it? As a trader, you are a fool if you let President Donald Trump's tweets dictate your trading decisions! It shouldn't. CNBC hacks continue to push a narrative depending on what they want the retail traders to do! For the past 2 weeks atleast, they have pushed doom and gloom on the retail traders talking about recession when everything out there, all the data suggest otherwise! Goldman Sachs, there was an article on their calls, and 90% of their calls, the opposite happened! When they recommend a stock, it tanked, when they bashed a stock, it went up. Now, is that pure coincidence or out right market manipulation? Members of Congress trade the stocks of companies with business with Congress and they make the laws that affect those companies, can you spell insider trading? Of course, they conveniently, exempted themselves from disclosing companies they bought shares in! It is perfectly, legal now and President Barack Obama signed it into law too! CNBC has been engaged in deliberately, stoking fear and euphoria depending on what they want retail traders to do. They do it every single day. I have cancelled my CNBC. It is totally garbage. I want only news on companies I have trades on as far as earnings are concerned nothing more.
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  7. DaveV


    This is certainly the most racist post I ever seen on EliteTrader.

    Plus some of your comments are wrong. For example, take Nigeria, one of the two specific countries that Trump referred to as a shit-hole. Nigerian immigrants to America enjoy some of the largest income of any ethnic group because a large percentage of them have graduate degrees.


    In fact almost all the graduate students in American universities studying Computer Science, Engineering and Math are immigrants.

    Then there are the large number of high tech firms that were started or headed by Asians.
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  8. Fading yes, jingoistic, not so much.

    China can't suddenly replace the US as a trading partner. But the US can and will shift manufacturing centers. Once the shift is complete the same thing that gave China its current state in the world is gone.
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  9. canoe


    who said i let trump's tweets dictate my trading?

    and lol at using CNBC as an example. of course market manipulation is everywhere but i'm talking about entire economies, not some individual stock. CNBC isn't going to send the HSI or A50 down 3%. the fed/treasury/trump can. that's the difference, and his tweets and corresponding news releases last week were timed impeccably.

    also, you should know you sound like a broken record by now. all you do is post "ORANGE MAN GOOD" posts on ET. unless you're a shill, then yeah keep doing what you do but try to make it less obvious if you actually wanna persuade people that "ORANGE MAN GOOD."
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  10. smallfil


    Who says I am here to persuade you to like Donald Trump? It does not really matter because the economy runs whatever happens in the background. You are the one that inserted Trump in the conversation. And if you do not like my posts, be an adult and use the block button. This is a public forum. If you do not like another persons post, mute, ignore or block that person so that you do not see their posts. That is what adults do!
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