Who will win tonight's debate?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Sep 26, 2008.

Who will win the debate tonight?

  1. McCain

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  2. John McCain

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  3. John Sidney McCain III

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  4. That wrinkled white hair dude

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  1. McCain already knows:
    (The picture was from McCain's official website but saved elsewhere in case they remove it).
  2. is he gonna show/
  3. It is going to be like this:

    John McCain - "I am a war hero"
    Barack Obama -"We need change"
  4. Yes, at least according to his website.
  5. Obama is a better liar than mccain, you know when mccain is not telling the truth, he dosen't know how to lie.

    Obama in the other hand can lie whatever he wants and people seems to love it.

    Obama will win the first debate.
  6. Bigdave will be absolutely convinced Obama won and will dutifully rejurgitate the campaign's official talking points.

    The brainwashed idiots here, not calling any names but you know who you are, will be confused but fall back on the fact that they "trust" Obama.

    The rest of us will get bored within a few minutes and switch to something else. Personally, I wish McCain would send in that girl from the godaddy.com ads and let her be his standin. At least then it would be fun to watch.
  7. Actually what usually happens is that Republicans set the bar lower for their candidate and announce that, like Bush, if he even pulls even he actually "won" because the other guy is a much better debater.

    But no, I'll watch the debates, or at least some of them. I do expect that Obama will do better, but not a lot better than McCain as I expect that Obama will focus on statistics while McCain will focus on emotions, which is more effective.

  8. Please. How many times have I contradicted your posts with pure facts.