Who will replace Rush?

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Who will be the popular face of the Pubs?

  1. Rush will retain control

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  2. Glenn Beck will capture the populist rage

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  3. Sean Hannity will let freedom ring

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  4. Newt will renew a contract with America

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  5. Sarah Palin step from Vogue to National Review

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  6. Mitt Romney will bring morning to America again

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  7. A total unknown will appear out of nowhere

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  1. Rush is 62.

    He will be 65 in 2012, and the pubs will have to stick a political knife in him to shake the image trouble they have, especially if the dems don't do anything so stupid even the masses will notice.

    I thought "they" were grooming Hannity, but Beck is charging hard, and Sarah will have just enough seasoning on her to be viewed less a MILF and more of someone who might be able to run something important, while not being Hillary.

    Bobby Jindal cant give a speech.

    Micheal Steele, well, just don't c it.

    Newt, maybe. Especially if he turns out to be Brutus when they go after Rush if Rush refuses to take one for the team and go quietly.

    Now Mitt Romney has that Reagan thing going in front of a camera, so says my wife.

    Ron Paul, sad to say that he could "become ill", if he won more than one primary.

    With the pubs in total disarray, and coming up on the middle of 2009, who will step up to the plate?
  2. Your math skills are stunning.
  3. i honestly hope the entire party gets rid of shitbuckets like, Rush, hannity, oreilly and that evil chick. They REALLY need to change their tone if they want my vote. The hatred, intolerance, warmongering and selfishness are stunning.

    The republican party is supposed to be conservative..meaning stay the hell out of everyones business. Instead they tell everyone else that they are wrong, and try to change the world to meet their own personal views...hardly conservative.

    Ron Paul is the best thing to happen to the party in the last 20 years...and the other reps laughed him off the stage. good job.
  4. Republican party in its present configuration has no right to exist. Rush likes to talk how Reagan created electoral magic out of thin air based on conservatism. Fact of the matter, foundations for republican victory ("blue print") were laid down by Nixon. Since Nixon is not something you want to associate your party with, people stick to Reagan. One of the cornerstones of republican strategy over the years has been the "Southern Strategy" and exploiting the ignorance/hatreds of angry white men.

    But recipe of bashing gays/keeping women and minorities down as well as being against abortions is not going to work forever. US does not live in a cultural vacuum. There is no going back.

    Demographic changes will seriously undermine "southern strategy" going forward. Republicans can then try "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" strategy and promise people the joys and benefits of capitalism. But as corporations thoroughly rape the average man this will not be fully functional.

    I don't think republicans will be able to have a "strategy" going forward as they did during nixon and then reagan. Elections going forward will be decided by the popularity of the candidate as well as more tangible discussion of issues.
  5. Oh really? Which party nominated a female VP candidate and had her assailed on the basis of her gender and looks constantly? Who called her a "c*nt"? Evangelical Christians? Or the ever so tolerant liberal democrats?

    Which party wants to infringe peoples' religious freedom by forcing them to recognize what every major religion calls a perversion or worse? Is it "gay bashing" to have religious beliefs and support traditional marriage? i guess the liberal state of california is filled with gay bashers then.

    How exactly does the republican party advocate "keeping women and minorities down?" By nominating them to high office and electing them to run the RNC? Which party wants to divide us into racial and ethnic groups and enforce quotas on that basis and which supports merit?
  6. My heart would be with Dr. Paul...........my money would be on either Newt or Mitt.
  7. I don't know ..who?

    Oh wait ...I remember that was Republican Dirty Trickster Roger Stone when referring to your Sec Of State.

    "In January 2008, Stone founded (Citizens United Not Timid), an anti–Hillary Clinton 527 group with an intentionally obscene acronym."


  8. Have you bought scotch tape in anticipation of a major terrorist attack?

    How does republican party keep women and minorities down? Let's see... Republican party wants the woman to be nothing more than a baby making machine which is what she would be if you deprive her of the right to choose whether to carry a child or not. When you oppose civil rights legislation on "constitutional grounds" (like nutcase goldwater did), when you oppose affirmative action you keep minorities down.

    Come on, electing Steele to RNC was a cheap publicity stunt. Everyone realizes it was a political move to get a token black there.
  9. Just as McCain's choice of Palin was as VP.

    - - - Another political gimmick, and one that just about everyone could "see" right through.
  10. You know the saddest thing about ET members from "the right" is that they truly believe that everyone else is a closet socialist/communist. I once told a nutcase that I am a moderate, he told me that "rush limbaugh says there are no moderates". Now I cannot vouch for the accuracy of that statement (whethe rush said it or not) but it does highlight the underlying mentality.
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